Introducing Our New High School/Middle School Dean of Students

Mr. Reed Tyriver

We’re pleased to introduce Mr. Reed Tyriver, long time Lourdes gym and health teacher, and coach, as our new Dean of Students.

After much thought and consideration, Lourdes Academy announced this summer the decision to transition the Associate Principal role into a Dean of Students. We’re excited to introduce Mr. Tyriver as the new Dean of Students. His primary focus will be our students – their programs, their experience, and their overall success.

“The things I’m looking forward to the most are building even closer relationships with our students and also learning from all of our incredible teachers…getting to see first hand all the amazing ways they help our students grow, everyday.”

– Reed Tyriver, Dean of Students

In addition to teaching gym and health, Mr. Tyriver has built strong relationships with students while coaching several different Lourdes Academy athletic teams.

  • Assistant softball coach 2008-2009 (2 seasons)
  • Assistant girls basketball coach 2007-2014 (7 seasons)
  • Head baseball coach 2010-2016 (7 seasons)
  • Head girls basketball coach 2015-2019 (5 seasons)
  • Golf coach 2019-present (1 season)

So why the move to administration?

“I love teaching, and the nice thing about my new position is I’ll still have the opportunity to help students learn – just in a different capacity. I also want to continue to play an important role at Lourdes, and it just felt right to step into this new role…with new challenges that will help me and our students grow.

I absolutely love Lourdes and it is an extremely exciting time to be a part of the Lourdes family!”

– Reed Tyriver, Dean of Students
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