Advancing STEM, Literacy, and English Programs with New Grants

Lourdes Academy attended Celebrate Education on Monday, March 9, an annual event honoring Oshkosh area teachers, principals, coaches and volunteers for their continuous hard work and dedication to education. During the event the following Lourdes Academy teachers received Celebrate Education classroom grants:

  • Luke Spanbauer, 2nd Grade Teacher – STEM Challenge Kits, to add hand-on activities that will supplement the science curriculum
  • Susan Trofka, Elementary Reading Specialist – Book Shopping!, to expand the library of books available for students to practice reading in the classroom and at home
  • Carrie O’Connor, High School Science Teacher – Understanding the Impacts of Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration on Waterways, to purchase science equipment to assist in water testing and  research
From left to right: Luke Spanbauer, Susan Trofka, Carrie O’Connor, and Barb Reed (not pictured, Sue Dolan)

In addition, high school English teacher Sue Dolan received the Clarence Jungwirth History Grant for her classroom History of Oshkosh Research Project.

Lourdes Academy’s high school science department was also awarded the Edward and Belle Rudoy Technology grant worth nearly $15,000 for its project, “Science Lab of the Future.” The grant, which was co-authored by science teachers Barb Reed and Carrie O’Connor, will help provide Chromebooks, microscopes, slides and probes to support their newly-developed, hands-on and research-based high school science curriculum.

At the end of the evening, Lourdes Academy System President John Dinegan presented the Stanley J. Spanbauer Education & Leadership Award to the Lasky Family. This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to Lourdes Academy and, more importantly, to improving the overall quality of education in the greater Oshkosh community. 

President John Dinegan and the Lasky Family

Helaine Lasky, as well as her three sons and their wives, Mark and Kristen, Jason and Courtney, and Bradford and Maureen, are dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for children in the Oshkosh community and beyond. From educating the community on suicide and mental health awareness and prevention, school improvements and the importance of healthy eating to involvement in Junior Achievement, the Boys & Girls Club and the Oshkosh Community YMCA, the Lasky family has left a lasting impact on their community.

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